Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Can everyone make way for THE VAMPS

Originally a 'youtube' band; making this all the more appropriate, merged together back in 2012. Uploading covers such as One direction and Justin Bieber, although their style is more indie, these covers helped to grow their fandom. I recently discovered The Vamps at Summer in the City, I'm ashamed to say I didn't know who they we're before this, after hearing them play their original songs, I thought they were news worthy. They had such a great stage presence and Bradley the lead vocalist had my heart melting.

The members are Brad, 18 from Birmingham (lead vocals), James 19 (Guitarist and vocals), Connor 17 (bass) and Tristian 19 (drums and vocals). All equally adorable may I add. Personally I love their original songs She was the one and Wild heart. Which they also performed at #SITC2013. The next day I woke up and they we're performing on Big Brother bit on the side, and they killed it, with their new single Can we dance.

Can we dance is available for pre-oreer now and the single is being released on the 29th of September. The boys will also be joining Selena Gomez for her stops in London at the Hammersmith Apollo as part of her tour. YES. The vamps will be opening for them, seeing as they have just finished touring with Mcfly they must be used to the screams by now. Get ready for The Vamps world. I just want to ask Selena, with respect, please don't take Bradley from me. (Currently unaware of the Jelena status)

Haha, thanks for reading. Comment below if you like The Vamps and if your a #Vampette like me or a #Vampian even... or not. LOL, byeee xx

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Youtuber dreams

Guys! Seeing all the youtubers at Vid Con is making me feel so depressed. They all look like their so happy and having the best days of their life, literally. It makes me think, would I want to be there? It seems so scary what they go through, meeting all the fan girls and crazy fans, meeting new youtubers everyday, networking. Sounds exciting but terrifying. Watching some of Fun for Louis vlog's of the British youtubers and the 'youtube crew', I just wish I had friends like that, to travel the world with and shared the same passion. Hopefully one day.

Another thing I've looked into more is American vloggers! I'm new to the whole youtube thing so excuse me if I'm decades late but I've just found "Our 2nd life", a group of six boys that each have a day of the week to vlog following a theme for the week. There all so funny, from them I then went on to discover Rebecca Black's channel, apparently she's a big youtuber now, who knew? But her videos are also really cool and her best friend Alexa who's really funny and does beauty vlogs and so on and so on the list never ends, the youtubers keep coming and time keeps whittling away.

I wish I could be a youtuber but I doubt I would be a very good one, I just hope one day I can travel the world and meet some them, my inspirations.

Sorry to be so cheesy but I really am amazed at this whole community many people just find "weird" and many more that find it as a place to finally fit in and feel 'accepted'.

Watch the Fun for Louis vlog xx

Peace out from me, night xxx

Monday, 5 August 2013

Youtube review! His voice! Those eyes... In love with Jack Vallier.

Jack. Vallier. 

Ladies and gentlemen can all just step back and appreciate how awesome Jack Vallier is? His voice is a gift from the wise men, i'm sure combined with  his handsome charms equals gold dust. So much inexplicable talent that it was almost impossible to choose just one video to put in this post, I loved nearly all of his covers. Other videos I want to recommend is his covers of Are you mine by The Artic monkeys, his cover of Poison and wine by the Civil Wars and most definitely the cover of Last Request by Paolo Nutini. Another reason why i'm in love with him right now is because most bands he's covered are of the music genre I listen to; Ben Howord, Civil wars. etc.

Not only this, but he's also gigging in L O N D O N, on the 18th of August. Only a few weeks away! But any British youtube fan will know that this is the same day as Summer in the City!

Did someone say Dilema?! Which also means he probably won't be there :( Although I think I might just leave summer in the city early and go see him, at only a fiver why not? As I don't think i'll need to stay there till 10pm both days unless Jack or Finn ask me to get married. If you didn't tickets for SITC then you should deffo get tickets. It's also in Camden which is the second greatest place in London, after Brick lane of course ;) hehe.

Plus I didn't mention that his accent is the cutest! He's English, but not a Londoner like moi! He sounds different, that cute stereotypical talking english voice everyone goes crazy about. I hear it now.

S U B S C R I B E to Jack, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDifcnsg0ph5UuhvlyLSEqA

http://mamacolive.com/thebarfly/listings/upcoming-events/8263/lewis-mokler-plus-harry-seaton-jack-vallier-george-baines-jess-thristan-bessie/ London Gig tickets! With other cool artists!

Spread the love @Jackvalls

Peace out! @justtakeamin

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StIll into you? Paramore

On my journey of 'self discovery' , I have started to listen to more music and of different genres. Recently I've listen to a lot of British Indie bands like The McCabbees and The Vaccines. You may disagree they are worthy of such genre titles but I will fight you over it!

I've heard a couple of song from Paramore before and of course I haven't just heard Still into you (for those who judge people on that!)  I'm currently making my way through their albums and venturing through the "Brand New Eyes" album, at the moment.  The almighty album that 'saved' the band, LOL.

I've read a lot of comments on this song debating whether Paramore our conforming to the pressures of the modern 'pop' society with this song as some accuse Paramore of 'changing their sound'. I would admit it's no Misery business but it's got a catchy itch and what initially got me interested in Paramore. However, they've been in the band over ten years now and if they didn't change it up every now and then, I'm sure the criticism would be the other way round.

Really hoping some Paramore tickets might fall out of the sky before they come to London in September and who knows? Maybe i'll get picked to go onstage with them and sing Misery Business. (*cough Paramore fans inside joke*)

If you don't love Paramore you should. Listen and let me know what you think of the song with on here or on my twitter @justtakeamin

Peace out ya'll ;-) xxx

Friday, 2 August 2013


Hey guys!

I created a twitter for my blog, follow for updates on posts.  You guys can also tell me some youtubers to review or anything like that.


L o t s o f  l o v e x x x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Youtube review..... Taetmusic

As all our favorite youtubers are in LA well the "youtube crew" anyways, partying it up at Vidcon, (although the weather here in London is hot enough for us to pretend were over there at least) I thought I'd share another youtuber with you! Well I wouldn’t call her a youtuber yet because she's only done two songs/ videos so far but promises more in the future. Never the less I've still subscribed, as should all of you to hear her amazing voice. 

@taetmusic Would have a gold medal if there was an Olympic event for vocal gymnastics. (or runs as they call it... clearly not equipped with the proper terminology) She back flips, sommer saults and cartwheels her voice to amaze us all, reminding us all of the amazing Tori Kelly in my opinion, although with own unique qualities of course. Her voice is the type of which you try to sing along but just give up as you know you could never reach her level of talent and frankly, it’s just embarrassing. Well for me anyways. With clear aspirations of becoming a singer, I hope she makes it big for all our sakes.

Take a listen + Subcribe! 

Peace out! xxx