Thursday, 29 May 2014

First Ever Film

So as an A level media student I suppose this was inevitable...  this was a gangster opening scene we had to film for our course work (emphasis on the OPENING), we have received a lot of mixed criticism on this... just because it 'apparently' doesn't have a "clear narrative" but it is an opening and doesn't really have to so... it got an A anyways. Hope you enjoy, it was a lot of stress and fun to film, everyone in it is a student at my college and we used settings from the local area such as the church and the restaurant. Costumes were mostly bought from Ebay. so thanks to everyone involved, hopefully many more projects to come.

Who am I?

So this week I've been face with the challenge of having to speak about myself for TWENTY MINUTES in front of strangers, no surprise that I'm absolutely terrified. It got me thinking, what is my thing? Everybody has a thing right?... You know that one thing that defines us? Or is that just in the movies... I don't know anymore because I can't say there is one I have that defines me, I'm not particularly passionate about anything which is quite sad. I wish I knew where and what I wanted to do and it frustrates me that I'm not surrounded by ambitious people who do.

My mind feels empty and blank, even choosing what I want to study for uni is proving a challenge. I can say some of my teachers think that I'm good at English literature and that's about it, other than being quite sensitive towards others a.k.a cry baby and doing a few sports clubs here and there which I'm not very committed to, I can't say I'm particularly good at anything.

I feel as if I'm fated to live out the rest of my days like Emily Dictkinson, secluded but content in one room, reflecting on my thoughts. I want an identity, that's what being young  is about apparently finding who you are... those people who have pink hair and nose piercings, I'm jealous because at least seem to know who they are. I'm just one of those people who don't fit in anywhere, or maybe I just haven't found the right crowd... either way, I'll keep looking just in case I find it one day.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

JacksGap are BACK!

As you may know already, I'm a massive Jacks  Gap fan, they are truly inspirational to me as adventurists  and as film makers. They are clearly concern with the welfare of many others and the philanthropy work they do never seizes to not amaze me. If you've been living under a rock for the last two months you probably wont know that Jack and Finn have recently come home from a month of travelling across India in aid  of  Cancer research trust. They entitled this the 'rickshaw run' as they traveled in Tuk tuks across the whole of India, although morbidly concern us Gapers had only the twins few tweets and occasional instagram posts to find out any updates with what they we're up to and how it was going.

When they finally returned a few weeks ago the big questioned still remained; when do we GET TO SEE THE FOOTAGE? As the weeks pass the excitement and anticipation is building for Jack and Finns videos which will come as a series following the boys from start to finish. The video in this post went out two weeks ago and is basically an apology from Jack for his lack of communication with youtube community recently; although you can hardly blame him being so busy and what not. He updates us with how the videos are coming along and his new 'youtube space' he shares with other youtubers such as Louis Cole.

So, I for one can't wait for the videos to be released its only a matter of days now, although I feel with this anticipation building so are expectations. I have no doubt the boys won't produce beautiful imagery but there's no pleasing everyone although that's not really the point of Youtube now is it? The only rules are to be original and express yourself which I'm sure the boys will do.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Just wanted to point out ... THE VAMPS ARE NUMBER ONE!

So my prediction came true! The vamps are being played everywhere right now from Radio One to a full feature show on MTV, it's mad. There cool aren't they?! I can't believe they got to number one, from You tube to a number one single, wow. Just take that in the awesomeness of You tube right there. I wished they were a little more indie but beggar can't be choosers, some of there songs I really can't out of my head from summer in the city. I tell you now they are a must to see live!

In other news... I never got to see Paramore. I had no one to go with -_-, I would have gone by myself if it was a bit closer but it was all the way in Wembely and it would have been a massive concert. I heard it was amazing, but they will come back i'm sure and there will be no stopping me when they do!

Comment if you have seen Paramore on their self titled tour, or if your a fan of the Vamps! let me know :D

Peacey outy  x x x x x x

A doomed start? #lifeblog

So recently I've started a new sixth form, I really wanted a change from my old school as I felt I never really fitted in anywhere whilst there but I made some great friends. So this new school has a great reputation for pushing students to their potential  but on the other hand I also had another option to go to a much less strict and casual sixth form college but ended up choosing the prison-dystopian nightmare school!

Perhaps i'm exaggerating a little here. At first I found it very hard to settle, this school requires maximum effort in the organisation department, which is not one of my best attributes, but I must admit this new school is helping me with that quite a lot. The annoying things seem to be it finishes at 4:10!!! :o and starts at 8.25? Like hello? Is this legal please? 

As for the social life, of course I wanted to meet new people. Two girls that I play volleyball with was also going to this school, and on the first day I found out they were no longer friends so I stayed with the one I was closest with. Let call her Em for narrative sake. Em was cool, and we decided to go school together for the first week. We became quite close and then I made friends with this boy (we shall call him Dean) from Em's old school. The three of us became really close over the following two weeks, they were really fun and I love hanging out with them but of course we all wanted to meet more new people because I had basically already known Em and it felt the same with Dean, plus they lived in my area.   

So then things started to take a downwards spiral, school was becoming so stressful for me. Don't get me wrong I'm that saddo that likes writing essays and researching my subjects at further depth however I'm incredibly slow at everything I do. This was leaving me with piles and piles of homework, plus I also have a part time on the job on the weekends making it extremely difficult to get all my essays done. This meant I was spending lunches, free periods and sometimes even break doing my work. Em and Dean were becoming really annoyed, I was getting upset that didn't understand I had to do my work. If we don't get our homework done in this school they kick you out after about three times, but for me it was just fear of getting shouted at. This must sound SO stupid but if you saw the way students get shouted at in this school it would literally make you cry. 

Bearing in mind I'm now in my fifth week of school and the pressure of studies is getting better, as i'm finding ways to get my load down. Although while I was studying in my frees and lunch, Em and Dean have made lots of new friends and I'm kind of lost right now of where we stand. I know its me aswell, I'm finding it hard to make conversations and I'm not really that much of anti-social person but I've never been Queen B either. I'm starting to realise that maybe I am quite a shy person, and I hate this about my self. There's also lots of thing about my personality that need to change, I'm not perfect by far. Who is?

Today was the first day Em and Dean didn't wait for me after school, I don't feel sad about it and this was inevitable. I really hope things get better, there are some lovely people at the school but I'm either to shy or just haven't had the chance to talk to them yet. I can't live in a box the rest of my life! I need to jump at opportunities and live to the fullest, or else what was the point? 


 So that was my essay on life. thanks for reading if you got this far! Comment below if you like ;) or not what evs haha!  

Lots of kisses xxxxxx

Friday, 6 September 2013

Taking selfies with Youtubers. - SUMMER IN THE CITY REVIEW part 1

Ok, so on the 17th and 18th of august me and my sister went down to Alexander Palace where Summer in the city 2013 was taking place. If you don't know what this is because you haven't discovered the internet yet, it'a basically a more formal than usual youtube meet up in London where youtuber creators and youtube consumers get to together and have one big ravee. Or just meet one another, whatever you want to call it. ;)

Uk based you would expect mostly uk youtubers HOWEVER, only Mr. Tyler Oakley was there hello, someone pinch me. Also Catrific, Joey and the adorable TROY SIVAN. All the familiar faces such as Jack and Finn, Casper, Marcus, Alfie, Musical Bethan, Dodie, Veeoneeye, way too many to list and way too many to meet unfortunately.

The way it worked was that we arrived at 9am, although the doors didn't open till 11am. You can imagine the time went very quickly as you talk to nearby however I couldn't help feel slightly  
out of place with no black skinny jeans or pink and green hair dye in. There was such a mix of people there and from around the world. When we finally got in, the line for Dan and Phill was already beyond the point of no return but I was heading straight for one line, for the cutest twins on the planet.

Jack and Finns que was surprisingly empty at this point so we were about 10 people away from the front which was VERY EXCITING. Basically, I just want to authenticate how much of a Jacksgap fan I am, I watch every single one their videos on the day they come out, and follow their every move on twitter. I wouldn't call my self a fan girl ( Yeah yeah I know what your thinking) they just really inspire me everyday, to make this blog and  live life a little more adventurously. Any ways, so Jacksgap line wasn't starting for another 45 minutes so we conversed among people in the line, and stared at Joey Gracceffa and Dan and Phill further down the hall.

After waiting 20 minutes longer that what had been scheduled (they were late -_-), a handsome young man popped his smooth face round a door and the hall. Went. Mad.

Find out what happens when we met them and what I said to them, in the next post. ;) x

(Partly because i'm falling asleep and partly because I want to put something out today)

Peace out hun buns xxx

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Can everyone make way for THE VAMPS

Originally a 'youtube' band; making this all the more appropriate, merged together back in 2012. Uploading covers such as One direction and Justin Bieber, although their style is more indie, these covers helped to grow their fandom. I recently discovered The Vamps at Summer in the City, I'm ashamed to say I didn't know who they we're before this, after hearing them play their original songs, I thought they were news worthy. They had such a great stage presence and Bradley the lead vocalist had my heart melting.

The members are Brad, 18 from Birmingham (lead vocals), James 19 (Guitarist and vocals), Connor 17 (bass) and Tristian 19 (drums and vocals). All equally adorable may I add. Personally I love their original songs She was the one and Wild heart. Which they also performed at #SITC2013. The next day I woke up and they we're performing on Big Brother bit on the side, and they killed it, with their new single Can we dance.

Can we dance is available for pre-oreer now and the single is being released on the 29th of September. The boys will also be joining Selena Gomez for her stops in London at the Hammersmith Apollo as part of her tour. YES. The vamps will be opening for them, seeing as they have just finished touring with Mcfly they must be used to the screams by now. Get ready for The Vamps world. I just want to ask Selena, with respect, please don't take Bradley from me. (Currently unaware of the Jelena status)

Haha, thanks for reading. Comment below if you like The Vamps and if your a #Vampette like me or a #Vampian even... or not. LOL, byeee xx