Thursday, 1 August 2013

Youtube review..... Taetmusic

As all our favorite youtubers are in LA well the "youtube crew" anyways, partying it up at Vidcon, (although the weather here in London is hot enough for us to pretend were over there at least) I thought I'd share another youtuber with you! Well I wouldn’t call her a youtuber yet because she's only done two songs/ videos so far but promises more in the future. Never the less I've still subscribed, as should all of you to hear her amazing voice. 

@taetmusic Would have a gold medal if there was an Olympic event for vocal gymnastics. (or runs as they call it... clearly not equipped with the proper terminology) She back flips, sommer saults and cartwheels her voice to amaze us all, reminding us all of the amazing Tori Kelly in my opinion, although with own unique qualities of course. Her voice is the type of which you try to sing along but just give up as you know you could never reach her level of talent and frankly, it’s just embarrassing. Well for me anyways. With clear aspirations of becoming a singer, I hope she makes it big for all our sakes.

Take a listen + Subcribe! 

Peace out! xxx

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