Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Youtuber dreams

Guys! Seeing all the youtubers at Vid Con is making me feel so depressed. They all look like their so happy and having the best days of their life, literally. It makes me think, would I want to be there? It seems so scary what they go through, meeting all the fan girls and crazy fans, meeting new youtubers everyday, networking. Sounds exciting but terrifying. Watching some of Fun for Louis vlog's of the British youtubers and the 'youtube crew', I just wish I had friends like that, to travel the world with and shared the same passion. Hopefully one day.

Another thing I've looked into more is American vloggers! I'm new to the whole youtube thing so excuse me if I'm decades late but I've just found "Our 2nd life", a group of six boys that each have a day of the week to vlog following a theme for the week. There all so funny, from them I then went on to discover Rebecca Black's channel, apparently she's a big youtuber now, who knew? But her videos are also really cool and her best friend Alexa who's really funny and does beauty vlogs and so on and so on the list never ends, the youtubers keep coming and time keeps whittling away.

I wish I could be a youtuber but I doubt I would be a very good one, I just hope one day I can travel the world and meet some them, my inspirations.

Sorry to be so cheesy but I really am amazed at this whole community many people just find "weird" and many more that find it as a place to finally fit in and feel 'accepted'.

Watch the Fun for Louis vlog xx

Peace out from me, night xxx


  1. Haha, my best friend has always been so intrigued by youtubers. Do you want to be a youtuber too?

  2. AAaah sorry for the late reply, I really don't know haha. I think I would be too scared, maybe one day :p. What about you? xx