Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Can everyone make way for THE VAMPS

Originally a 'youtube' band; making this all the more appropriate, merged together back in 2012. Uploading covers such as One direction and Justin Bieber, although their style is more indie, these covers helped to grow their fandom. I recently discovered The Vamps at Summer in the City, I'm ashamed to say I didn't know who they we're before this, after hearing them play their original songs, I thought they were news worthy. They had such a great stage presence and Bradley the lead vocalist had my heart melting.

The members are Brad, 18 from Birmingham (lead vocals), James 19 (Guitarist and vocals), Connor 17 (bass) and Tristian 19 (drums and vocals). All equally adorable may I add. Personally I love their original songs She was the one and Wild heart. Which they also performed at #SITC2013. The next day I woke up and they we're performing on Big Brother bit on the side, and they killed it, with their new single Can we dance.

Can we dance is available for pre-oreer now and the single is being released on the 29th of September. The boys will also be joining Selena Gomez for her stops in London at the Hammersmith Apollo as part of her tour. YES. The vamps will be opening for them, seeing as they have just finished touring with Mcfly they must be used to the screams by now. Get ready for The Vamps world. I just want to ask Selena, with respect, please don't take Bradley from me. (Currently unaware of the Jelena status)

Haha, thanks for reading. Comment below if you like The Vamps and if your a #Vampette like me or a #Vampian even... or not. LOL, byeee xx

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  1. Ah, great blog, loving the vamps right now?! When are you going to start blogging regularly again? :P