Monday, 5 August 2013

Youtube review! His voice! Those eyes... In love with Jack Vallier.

Jack. Vallier. 

Ladies and gentlemen can all just step back and appreciate how awesome Jack Vallier is? His voice is a gift from the wise men, i'm sure combined with  his handsome charms equals gold dust. So much inexplicable talent that it was almost impossible to choose just one video to put in this post, I loved nearly all of his covers. Other videos I want to recommend is his covers of Are you mine by The Artic monkeys, his cover of Poison and wine by the Civil Wars and most definitely the cover of Last Request by Paolo Nutini. Another reason why i'm in love with him right now is because most bands he's covered are of the music genre I listen to; Ben Howord, Civil wars. etc.

Not only this, but he's also gigging in L O N D O N, on the 18th of August. Only a few weeks away! But any British youtube fan will know that this is the same day as Summer in the City!

Did someone say Dilema?! Which also means he probably won't be there :( Although I think I might just leave summer in the city early and go see him, at only a fiver why not? As I don't think i'll need to stay there till 10pm both days unless Jack or Finn ask me to get married. If you didn't tickets for SITC then you should deffo get tickets. It's also in Camden which is the second greatest place in London, after Brick lane of course ;) hehe.

Plus I didn't mention that his accent is the cutest! He's English, but not a Londoner like moi! He sounds different, that cute stereotypical talking english voice everyone goes crazy about. I hear it now.

S U B S C R I B E to Jack, London Gig tickets! With other cool artists!

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