Friday, 6 September 2013

Taking selfies with Youtubers. - SUMMER IN THE CITY REVIEW part 1

Ok, so on the 17th and 18th of august me and my sister went down to Alexander Palace where Summer in the city 2013 was taking place. If you don't know what this is because you haven't discovered the internet yet, it'a basically a more formal than usual youtube meet up in London where youtuber creators and youtube consumers get to together and have one big ravee. Or just meet one another, whatever you want to call it. ;)

Uk based you would expect mostly uk youtubers HOWEVER, only Mr. Tyler Oakley was there hello, someone pinch me. Also Catrific, Joey and the adorable TROY SIVAN. All the familiar faces such as Jack and Finn, Casper, Marcus, Alfie, Musical Bethan, Dodie, Veeoneeye, way too many to list and way too many to meet unfortunately.

The way it worked was that we arrived at 9am, although the doors didn't open till 11am. You can imagine the time went very quickly as you talk to nearby however I couldn't help feel slightly  
out of place with no black skinny jeans or pink and green hair dye in. There was such a mix of people there and from around the world. When we finally got in, the line for Dan and Phill was already beyond the point of no return but I was heading straight for one line, for the cutest twins on the planet.

Jack and Finns que was surprisingly empty at this point so we were about 10 people away from the front which was VERY EXCITING. Basically, I just want to authenticate how much of a Jacksgap fan I am, I watch every single one their videos on the day they come out, and follow their every move on twitter. I wouldn't call my self a fan girl ( Yeah yeah I know what your thinking) they just really inspire me everyday, to make this blog and  live life a little more adventurously. Any ways, so Jacksgap line wasn't starting for another 45 minutes so we conversed among people in the line, and stared at Joey Gracceffa and Dan and Phill further down the hall.

After waiting 20 minutes longer that what had been scheduled (they were late -_-), a handsome young man popped his smooth face round a door and the hall. Went. Mad.

Find out what happens when we met them and what I said to them, in the next post. ;) x

(Partly because i'm falling asleep and partly because I want to put something out today)

Peace out hun buns xxx

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