Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Now you see me ...but I wish I didn't, A movie review!

Now You See Me

Where do I start? Now before I went to see this film all my friends went on and on about how this was, and I quote "the sickest film ever", yeah I'm worried for them to. I even ran down the street like an elephant stomping my way through crowds to make it on time to watch the movie from the very beginning as apparently "the initial point was crucial to the story".

I had high expectations, although none were met. I was under the illusion (no pun intended) this film would challenge my brain and I would go away perhaps slightly confused, however I felt the film was too obvious in revealing the tricks of the magicians taking away the excitement of the film.

After realising Dave Franco was in the film ten minutes in aka my husband/ long lost lover, I was sure it was going to be great but the problem was that as the film progressed his character became lost along with the other main cast Jessie Eisenburg, Woody Harrelson and Isla Fisher. There characters all became lost within the narrative, now unless this was supposed to be some kind of alternative disappearing act? It was disappointing not to see the characters more and Mark Ruffalo ended up stealing the spotlight.

Woody Harrelson was hilarious in my opinion and more of his 'banter' between his casts mates would only have contributed positively to the minimal laughs we did experience.

A movie of deception. Then ruins it by overly explain every element and in doing so betraying the number one rule in magic. Perhaps a little more magic dust was needed Louis Leterrier?

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