Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A youtube review: Fran Birkby

Only just recently;  out of procrastination have I fallen in love with youtubers and their so called "community". I find it fascinating that one can be so brave to give them self to the internet; a land full of trolls and other mysterious creatures that come alive only behind a glowing screen. Lamb to the slaughter if you ask me but nevertheless I'm slowly becoming more addicted as each day passes, discovering hidden gems.

Here's a youtuber called FRAN, she's super cool if you follow her on twitter @bbbirkby and hilarious to.  She has such a beautiful tone to her voice that she conveys in her weekly videos. This cover of Eliza Doolittle’s Pack up will blow you away. At only 16 anyone can see a great future for this girl on YouTube. With already 200,000+  views on her youtube channel and counting, I hope as she grows she vlogs aswell and conveys her personality more into her video's. Surely the quality of her video's can only go up from here? Definitely one to watch! One of my favorite youtubers at the moment.

Follow for more youtube reviews. The more bored I get in summer, the more i'll do :D xxx

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