Saturday, 2 November 2013

JacksGap are BACK!

As you may know already, I'm a massive Jacks  Gap fan, they are truly inspirational to me as adventurists  and as film makers. They are clearly concern with the welfare of many others and the philanthropy work they do never seizes to not amaze me. If you've been living under a rock for the last two months you probably wont know that Jack and Finn have recently come home from a month of travelling across India in aid  of  Cancer research trust. They entitled this the 'rickshaw run' as they traveled in Tuk tuks across the whole of India, although morbidly concern us Gapers had only the twins few tweets and occasional instagram posts to find out any updates with what they we're up to and how it was going.

When they finally returned a few weeks ago the big questioned still remained; when do we GET TO SEE THE FOOTAGE? As the weeks pass the excitement and anticipation is building for Jack and Finns videos which will come as a series following the boys from start to finish. The video in this post went out two weeks ago and is basically an apology from Jack for his lack of communication with youtube community recently; although you can hardly blame him being so busy and what not. He updates us with how the videos are coming along and his new 'youtube space' he shares with other youtubers such as Louis Cole.

So, I for one can't wait for the videos to be released its only a matter of days now, although I feel with this anticipation building so are expectations. I have no doubt the boys won't produce beautiful imagery but there's no pleasing everyone although that's not really the point of Youtube now is it? The only rules are to be original and express yourself which I'm sure the boys will do.

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